Too much boring whimpy club tunes, too much lush voices, too much stupid lyrics. We just say no.


Because we are able and willing. And because we don't  give a sh*t.

Seriously, WHY?

It's all about money, chicks and beer. What did you expect, huh?!?

The story so far...

Officially started in 2002. André did some silly stuff on pretty outdated equipment, Krabbe [Config.SyS] was kinda pleased (at least André thought so, after Krabbe stopped laughing his panties wet) and showed him to do way better. First songs were created and older material was re-recorded. Hidden behind a thick wall of fog (there is no contaminant without fog!), contaminant presented their songs first time at Stahlklang-Party on 26.10.2002 in the Markthalle Hamburg, Germany. The demo material shortly released after that infamous gig met good response (we still wonder why). In 2005 the project was signed by Pflichtkauf and the first CD "Sanity Report" was released. The story continues (we're not dead, yet, although some people say we smell like that)...